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Audition Form

Before registering to audition, please familiarise yourself with the Rickmansworth Players Audition Process, so that you know what to expect.

To register to audition, please click on the link below called 'Little Mermaid Auditions - Click Here to Submit your Audition Form' and submit your details. The deadline to submit your audition form is Thursday 20th June 2024.


We're pleased to announce the audition dates for our next production, The Little Mermaid, which we'll be staging at Watersmeet in November. 

Launch Night - 8pm, Monday 10th June

Pre-audition meetings / sessions - Thursday 13th June, Monday 17th June, Thursday 20th June

Auditions - Saturday 22nd June (note that the majority of auditions will be held on 22nd June, but there may also be call backs on the morning of Sunday 23rd June, when the panel may also hold auditions for those unavailable on 22nd June, on an exceptional basis)

Non-members are all welcome to join our launch and pre-audition sessions, however you will need to pay an Audition Fee of £15 to audition for a part. If you are offered and accept a part and to perform in our production, you will need to join the society and pay a full society membership fee, but the audition fee will be deducted from the membership fee.

There are also opportunities to get involved backstage; please come along to one of the pre-audition sessions to find out more and register your interest.


For full details of the production, character requirements and auditions, please see the launch pack: LITTLE MERMAID LAUNCH PACK

Audition Pieces:


VOCAL AUDITION: No. 7 Part of your world

Audition tracks: 

7 Part of Your World - guide.m4a

7 Part of Your World - audition.mp3

ACTING AUDITION: From page 47, Triton s line So did you?” to page 49, Sebastians line For your own good, child”. ARIEL - acting audition piece.pdf


VOCAL AUDITION:  No. 19 One Step Closer (bar 17 to bar 54)

Audition tracks:

19 One Step Closer - guide.m4a

19 One Step Closer - audition.mp3

ACTING AUDITION: From page 3 What is that? Do you hear something?” to page 4 I d rather be a sailor than a Prince any day.

AND Pg 75 Just look at us to A Smile says just as much sometimes.” Prince Eric - acting audition piece.pdf


VOCAL AUDITION: No. 15 Poor Unfortunate Souls

Audition Tracks:

13 Poor Unfortunate Souls P1 - guide.m4a

13 Poor Unfortunate Souls P1 - audition.mp3

13 Poor Unfortunate Souls P2 - guide.m4a

13 Poor Unfortunate Souls P2 - audition.mp3

ACTING AUDITION: From page 55 Help you? My dear, sweet child - its what I live for….” into song (see above) AND dialogue page 56 and 57 IN BETWEEN two sections of the song.

Audition finishes on last line of song (page 58) Ursula - acting audition piece.pdf


VOCAL AUDITION: No. 5 If Only - Triton s Lament

Audition Tracks

5 If Only - Triton's Lament - guide.m4a

5 If Only - Triton's Lament - audition.mp3

ACTING AUDITION: From page 14 Ariel, please. Youve been given such a gift …” to the end of the song (see above). King Triton - Acting Audition Piece.pdf


VOCAL AUDITION: No. 12 Under the sea (up to bar 40).

Audition tracks:

12 Under the Sea Sebastian - guide.m4a

12 Under the Sea Sebastian - audition.mp3

ACTING AUDITION: Page 41 - from Child! Dere you are! up to start of UNDER THE SEA

Page 77 - from Out of the frying pan to off to bed with you” Sebastian - acting audition piece.pdf


VOCAL AUDITION: No. 16 Positoovity (start to bar 39 - although says 79 in the lib!)

Audition tracks:

16 Positoovity - guide.m4a

16 Positoovity - audition.mp3

ACTING AUDITION: Page 6, from Airspeed, check! to the end of scene 1. Scuttle - acting audition piece.pdf


VOCAL AUDITION: No. 10 She s in love start of song (bar 9 to bar 48).

Audition tracks:

10 She's in Love - guide.m4a

10 She's in Love - audition.mp3

ACTING AUDITION: From page 5, Flounder: Hey Ariel! There you are!, to page 6; Ariel: I dont know”. Flounder - acting audition piece.pdf


VOCAL AUDITION: No. 24 “The Contest (bar 2 to bar 10)

Audition tracks:

24 The Contest - guide.m4a

24 The Contest - audition.mp3

ACTING AUDITION: Page 26, from Eric I don't want to be King to Swim sire? Is that a prerequisite? AND Page 85; Grimsby s advice! Grimsby - acting audition piece.pdf


VOCAL AUDITION: No. 14 Sweet Child  (start to bar 45, sing both parts).

Audition tracks:

14 Sweet Child - guide.m4a

14 Sweet Child - audition.mp3

MERSISTERS VOCAL AUDITION: No. 10 She s in love start of song (bar 9), to bar 48.

Audition tracks:

10 She's in Love Mersisters - guide.m4a

10 She's in Love Mersisters - audition.mp3


VOCAL AUDITION: No. 18 Les Poissons (bar 62 to end).

Audition Tracks:

18 Les Poissons - guide.m4a

18 Les Poissons - audition.mp3

ENSEMBLE: No. 12 Under the Sea (up to bar 25).

Audition tracks:

12 Under the Sea - guide.m4a

12 Under the Sea - audition.mp3


ALL: Basic dance routine to Under the Sea

DANCERS ENSEMBLE (6 to 8); More advanced routine with some tap

  • ·       Under the Sea (2.20 – 2.40)
  • ·       Positoovity (3.33 – 2.54)


Rehearsals take place at

Little Green School, Croxley Green


Every Monday & Thursday and some Sundays near to show week


Production & Rehearsal Photographs by Cat Humphries

Rickmansworth Players is a voluntary not-for-profit community performing arts group run by its members

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